Painting with lichen - Creation

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Handmade painting on cotton canvas, size 20 cm x 60 cm.
Materials used: acrylic colors and lichens.
Colors are stable over a very long period of time and do not fade.
The stabilization and coloring process does not contain toxic or hazardous chemical components.
They are not wet, they do not smell, they are treated against insects, anti dust and flameproof.
They are guaranteed 15 years as texture and color.
Lichens are only designed for indoor design and do not recommend placing them in direct contact with water.
Lichens do not require any special maintenance.
When the relative humidity of the air is below 40%, lichens tend to harden.
At 40% relative humidity, lichens gradually begin to soften.
Over 40% relative humidity, the lichens remain soft and tolerate normal touch.
Placing lichen products in direct sunlight may cause some time to discolor them.
At the same time, we do not recommend leaving the painting in dusty spaces, as dust drips lichens.
Lichens have been tested for flammability, noise absorption and emissions in indoor air. The results are available in the technical data sheet.